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Music is about more than learning music notes, chords and counting out rhythms. It’s about expression. Music is a form of communication that stems from our hearts and pours out of our emotions to the world around us. Students of Musical Expressions begin by learning the foundations of music and are encouraged to stretch beyond their knowledge base and connect with the songs they play and compose.
Think of an artist about to paint a picture. They select the type of paint brush they will use, gather and mix all the colours that will bring their blank canvas to life and select their stroke technique. Long smooth strokes or short tiny flicks of the wrist will produce two completely unique works of art. Playing the piano is very similar. A musician must decide what kind of picture they would like to paint. But just like any painter, they must first learn how to use the tools necessary to create their master piece.
That’s where Musical Expressions comes in. Beginner students start out by learning notes, rhythms, and technique that will provide them with a solid musical foundation. As students progress and begin to master their technique they begin to develop their artistry. As artistry is developed the student’s creativity is encouraged. This is where their imaginations begin to take flight and playing the piano becomes just that…PLAY!
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